This Is Another Sick HOAX!

A PHOTO emerged recently showing that the Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight has safely landed in a remote village somewhere in Mongolia.

A loyal reader of Malaysian Digest OP Tuan Farezuddeen alerted us on the photo, dated March 9, 2014, which was widely circulated in the social networks and many believe it to be true, some even saying that they are relieved with the news.

There was even a report that a stewardess managed to send a message to her husband saying that they are all safe but being held hostage.

Another report stated that the pilot was able to send an emergency code and the hostage situation is linked to the two fake passport holders.

Notice that the Malaysian Airlines logo on the plane and BBC News logo at the bottom left corner are superimposed on the fake photo.

This is the real photo, an annual security exercise with "Unlawful Seizure of Aircraft" conducted in Macau International Airport on July 24, 2013.

The exercise simulated the scenario that a foreign political organisation that has activated several terrorist attacks in their own country has unlawfully seized an aircraft carrying 54 passengers and 10 crew members and requested to land in Macau International Airport, and an emergency plan was immediately activated to handle the incident. The exercise was deemed to have reached its goal.

To read the full actual report, below is the link: